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Save 60+ travel concessions

Join us in campaigning to save travel concessions for older Londoners

Since 15th June older Londoners have been unable to use their Freedom Pass or 60+ Oyster card to make essential journeys during peak hours on weekday mornings. THERE IS NOW A REAL DANGER THAT FURTHER RESTRICTIONS WILL BE IMPLEMENTED AND THAT SOME CONCESSIONS MAY BE REMOVED ENTIRELY. Hundreds of older Londoners have told Age UK London that the impact has already been devastating and they fear further cuts. This includes stopping the 60+ Oyster card which was introduced by then Mayor, Boris Johnson, in 2012. The threat to concessions comes as we await details of a new funding deal between the Department for Transport and Transport for London on 31st October. We have just days to get a message across to the Secretary of State. Older Londoners’ concessions are a lifeline not a bargaining chip. ENTER YOUR POSTCODE HERE TO SEND YOUR EMAIL TO THE SECRETARY OF STATE.