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End the morning suspension

Two years on: now's the time to end the morning suspension.

Since June 2020, older Londoners have not been able to use their Older Persons’ Freedom Pass or their 60+ Oyster card before 9am on weekday mornings. This was meant to be a temporary suspension to ease crowding on public transport during the height of the pandemic. Age UK London believe the suspension penalises older Londoners with no choice about when and how they travel. Some of the poorest older Londoners are among those hardest hit. Affordable transport is a lifeline. London has the highest level of pensioner poverty in the country. Taking travel concessions away from older Londoners will drive up poverty and exacerbate the capital’s social isolation crisis. Support our campaign by sending a message to the Deputy Mayor for Transport, Seb Dance, to call on him and Transport for London to end the morning suspension. ----------- IMPORTANT: Please write your name at the end of the email. We also recommend that you add into your email up to two sentences describing how you have been affected by the suspension. ----------- Thank you for your support. ENTER YOUR POSTCODE BELOW TO BE TAKEN TO A TEMPLATE EMAIL YOU CAN EDIT BEFORE SENDING. ↓

Age-friendly champions on the London Assembly

Let's tell our new London Assembly Members why it's crucial they champion older Londoners.

25 Assembly Members (AMs) have just been elected to represent Londoners on the London Assembly. 14 Assembly Members represent specific constituencies within London such as 'Barnet and Camden' and 'Croydon and Sutton'. Half of these AMs are entering the Assembly for the first time. It is more important than ever to mobilise support from all political parties on the London Assembly about the vital need for action to make London much more age-friendly. Many Assembly Members may not know that London joined the Global Network of Age-friendly Cities three years ago or that London has the highest rate of poverty among people over the age of 65 in the country. We have drafted text that can be used to send an email to the Assembly Member representing the constituency you live in. You can also add in a sentence or two about why you personally feel this is so important and what you feel is the biggest priority for making London genuinely age-friendly.